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BUTTER: Free Text Analysis Software for Social Scientists


Want to contribute to the software to make it even better? You can! Right now, there are two ways that you can help.

First, and perhaps most importantly: you can record tutorial videos. I had initially planned to record a separate tutorial video for each BUTTER plugin. I had been doing a good job for a while, but life has taken over and I haven’t been able to keep up the process very well. I plan to get back to recording more tutorials to help people out when I get the time but, in the meantime, if you want to record some for me, I’d be happy to link to them within the application itself, with all credit to you. If you decide to record a tutorial video, you’re not just helping me: you’re helping anyone who comes to BUTTER and wants to learn how to do some cool research.

Second, there’s always room to expand BUTTER due to the fact that it uses plugins. This means that you can write your own BUTTER plugins if you’d like using this template. Now, I know that this is not a common contribution: writing plugins for a framework that you didn’t develop yourself comes with a steep learning curve. So, please, I’d ask that you only pursue this task if you’re really into BUTTER. And, really, you can issue pull requests and help update/improve BUTTER through GitHub anyways, so there’s that.